based in Moscow & Berlin • travelling around the Globe • born in 1987

Tamara Teneta (b. 1987) is a visual contemporary artist. She has been working with photography for 15 years, starting to shoot portraits and moving then to street genre. Her images can be rather abstract or even surreal, but the main theme is still the same – to express the feeling of beauty of everyday life. For exhibitions Tamara prefers to experiment with the form and makes various shaped objects pasted over with photo prints. 2019 she dedicated to exploration of possibility to work with photography as a street art.


2017-2018 School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops» / contemporary art

2012-2013 Photo school “WishOn” / studio photography

2011-2012 School of Journalism “Izvestia” / press photography

Group Exhibitions

2019 “Moscow immortal” Padick gallery, Moscow
2018 “NIGRA MARIA SANGO” Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin
2018 “Lost&Found”, PjanoPlease art space, Berlin
2018 “This too shall pass II” Shalash art space, Moscow
2018 “This too shall pass I” CUBE art space, Moscow
2017 “Artists” Gallery Uhrwerk, Berlin
2017 “Zapoy” Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2017 “No brain, no pain” Gallery Uhrwerk, Berlin
2016 “Sacral all around us” RAW art space, Berlin
2012 “Square portraits” Photo Centre, Moscow

Related work experience

2018 Curator/production of theexhibition “Moments of Positive 3”, Moscow
2016 Photography workshop at Andrey Rylkov Foundation, Moscow
2015 Curator/production of the exhibition “Moments of Positive 2”, Tbilisi
2013 Curator of the exhibition “Moments of Positive 1, Moscow